Mind Your Bite Blog

Hi, I'm Naomi 👋

I’m a curious writer and learner currently based in Saarbrucken, Germany. I write daily and share a newsletter every Sunday to help creators work with less stress.

You'll find me most virtually active on Twitter. 🐦

What's the deal with the blog?

All my life, I’ve been diving into the rabbit hole of information and switching between projects.

This lifestyle has left me burnt out and losing important qualities.

These past few weeks, I was digging deep in the work of Leo Babauta, James Clear, and Greg McKeown – Great advocates of the principle “less is more”.

I want to live my life according to this principle:

Focus on a few important things and do them well.

That’s why this blog exists. To document my journey as I develop this lifestyle.

Currenty, I'm exploring the topic of evergreen note-taking and productivity. I started a series of photo posts about this on Twitter. On day 5 now 🚀 If you like it, head over here to start reading and give me some thoughts.

What to expect?

I write a mix of short and long-form articles on creativity, productivity and life. Shorter posts are published daily while longer posts are scheduled every 2 weeks.

I plan to publish these longer articles in my newsletter soon in addition to weekly curations on productivity and creativy tips.

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